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How to make a QR-Code for your Android app

Posted by theBlaine January - 23 - 2011 - Sunday

Here is how to make a QR-Code that points to an app in the Market on an Android device. By scanning the QR-Code with the barcode scanner on your phone you will be sent straight to that app on your phone so it can be installed.

First you need to know the unique name of the app. If you are an Android developer you can easily get this by logging into your Developer Console account at Google. Click on the link for the name of your app and it will send you to ‘Upload an Application’. Your unique name for your app is everything in the address bar past ‘p=’.

For example:  …Home#AppEditorPlace:p=com.theblaine.toughguy

com.theblaine.toughguy is the unique name of the application

Put that unique name at the end of the Market search address to make it look similar to below. This is the URL the Android device uses when you search the Market on your phone. Since you are searching for a unique name it will take you directly to your app.

Now take this URL and put it into the QR-Code Generator. The resulting icon, if scanned by your phone barcode scanner, should take you directly to your app.

To test a sample QR-Code on your device to see what it does, click here.

Note: The Market search address URL will not work in your web browser on your computer.

3 Responses to “How to make a QR-Code for your Android app”

  1. Andy Lynn says:

    I really enjoyed your thoughts on QR codes and would like to thank you for creating awareness. Here at Scanlutions ( QR codes are just one of the digital marketing tools we are using right now…although it is becoming the most popular! Keep spreading the word.

  2. Christian says:

    It would be much easier to use app QRdroid in your Android. It lets you create a QR code pointing to Android Market for any installed app you have.

    • theBlaine says:

      Hi Christian,
      I just checked out that app. Pretty cool and convenient. I don’t know if I would agree that it’s ‘easier’ though. I guess it depends on where you want the QRcode once you’re done. Not all people want to install more software on their phone when you can do it from sitting behind your computer.

      But I do appreciate the new app. It’s now installed on my phone and will be convenient if I ever need to make a QRcode while I’m sitting in my car or at a restaurant. But since I spend about 14 hours a day behind a computer, it’s more convenient for me to make these QRcodes from my desktop.

      Thanks again for the share!!!

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