Where is the ISS right now?

Posted on June 6, 2011

This image is real time! You can see the ISS with your naked eye. It needs to be dark (shadow in the image) and it needs to be flying over where you live. It is brightest the first hour after the sun goes down and an hour before it comes up. It will look a pin point of light, like an airplane that doesn’t blink, and moves steadily across the sky. Here is a schedule of the times you can see the International Space Station if you live in Sacramento, CA.

ISS over Sacramento , CA

If you live somewhere else you can go here to pick your location:
Human Space Flight (HSF) – Realtime Data

It’s helpful if you have a compass so you know where to look in the sky as it approaches and departs.

For help and tips in viewing the ISS click here

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